Itai's Creations

Itai is currently making seven things.

  1. Chocolate Babka (35 NIS)

  2. 6-Packs of Cinnamon Buns (30 NIS)

  3. pareve mushroom onion Quiche (60 NIS)

  4. 15-pareve chocolate chip cookies (25 NIS)

  5. Apple Pie (60 NIS)

  6. apple crumble (40 NIS)
  7.  lemon tarts (60 NIS)

    Please visit our Ordering Form to order.

    Please wait for your order to be personally confirmed . Itai is in 9th grade and will limit weekly order to first-come, first-serve.

orders are open for this shabbat the 5/6 .

Itai's Artisanal Creations